Monday, January 26, 2009

indecisive is my middle name. No, wait, it's on-the-fence. No, it's vacillating.

oh I don't know. A while back my darling parents sent out an email to their children wondering if perhaps anyone would be interested in visiting them on their mission before they come home. Now we all know I love to travel, so I checked it out. I threw up a little when I thought about a 13 hour flight in coach; then threw up a little more when I saw the prices for first class. That's about as far as it went. Until Saturday night. Matt was singing a little bit of "She's Like The Wind" to me as we drifted off to sleep, and I mentioned that it was really the beautiful, multi-talented, tragically cancerous Patrick Swayze who sang that delightful number on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. He didn't believe me, so we made a bet & all of a sudden I hear myself saying that if I'm right (which I of course am) I get to go to Taiwan to see my parents. Huh. Didn't even know I seriously even wanted to, but apparently I do. Granted Taiwan isn't up there with Africa, Ireland and Italy on my never ending list of places I want to go. Or Greece. Or Tahiti. Or Bail. Or Australia. Or Belize. Moving on. But having a whole week with my parents all to myself before the craziness of them being home? Seeing these two darling but not exactly world-traveling people out in the REAL world??? That alone would be worth it. Even to see my Dad trying to stomach some of the funky food they have there would be totally worth it. This is pretty much a once in a lifetime shot. I'm sure that if I don't take this chance, their next mission will be to like, Ohio or somewhere.
So why am I having such a hard time committing to it?
it's a lot of money/skymiles points but I'm sure it would totally be worth every single one. What do you think? Should I go? Kinda want to save up all my pennies & take my darling, patient, sweet, jewel of a husband on a golf trip somewhere. It doesn't seem fair that I would leave him & Sawyer at home in the snow while I go play with Grandma & Grandpa in 90 degree weather. I am a very lucky girl to even be contemplating this prospect though.


tanalicious said...

are you NUTS! of course. i would love to go anywhere.. i think you should totally do it.. and i bet matt would totally love it.

Melissa said...

Ok Celeste, your asking mostly stay at home mum's with no money to even contemplate it, what do you think everyone's answer is gonna be LOL
Man talk about my dream.
ANYHOO here's my rationilization, ok I'm gonna look that word up after this.
Your parents will never be there again in this situation, so yeah you could go on this golf trip, but there's always golf trips. Golf trips are going no where. THIS IS IT with your parents ONE CHANCE that's it. If you pass it up you'll never get it again.
You'll get more money for the golf trip. You and Matt are successful and you can commit to lots of cakes which you'll be stressed out and get mad cow for doing to get to the golf trip.
So GO!
It'll be good for Sawyer and Dad to have some alone time together. It's not like you're leaving her with a stranger.
Both of them will miss you terribly BUT they'll be JUST FINE.
It's stuff like this mum's should be doing at least once a year to keep them sane!!!

Kim said...

Just think of all the money you'll save by buying Taiwanese pirated DVDs for $1 each. It's worth it!

Kierstin said...

Go. Enjoy. Soak in the sun and love every moment of not worrying about anything at home. It'd be so good for you to get away for a bit... I bet.

Kirsten said...

DO IT DO IT! The thought of having my parents to myself and being taken care of like a child again makes me happy in a weird sense. Go and enjoy, and bask in the spirit they will most definitely have with them and their adoration for you. Who doesn't need unconditional...and in Taiwan of all places.

Kirsten said...

I meant unconditional LOVE....

Parry Particulars said...


Alana said...

Do it! It's a once in a life time opportunity!