Tuesday, January 6, 2009

From the mouth of a total babe

I've been keeping a little pile of scraps of paper whereon I have hastily written down the hilarious things that Sawyer has been saying lately. She makes me laugh my head off multiple times a day. Here are just a few.
-Sawyer was jabbering in the car one day about her cousins & I commented that it was so nice that we get to see our Davis cousins so often & that Grandma Susie always has such fun family parties, to which Sawyer replied that "Grandma Susie is like Jesus.... and SANTA!" Probably the greatest compliment a child can bestow upon anyone.... ever!
-We were trying to have family prayer a few nights ago & Sawyer was not feelin' it. When we asked her to say the prayer, she ran off to her room & came back with a page ripped out of one of her little note books & handed it to me, explaining that it was a "no prayers" ticket. We had the prayer without her & apparently she felt bad about it because by the time we were done she came back with a "yes prayers" ticket.
-I have no idea where this one came from, but here goes.... one day while she was on the potty doing her business, she goes "mom, we don't have to fight for our bums... Jesus fought for our bums for us!" Perhaps there was a lesson about the atonement in nursery???? I have seriously no idea!
-Today Sawyer & I were doing a little crafty project together & Sawyer put a little heart sticker on hers & scribbled all around it. She told me that it said "I love Danny." I couldn't quite understand her & said "you love Daddy?" to which she said "NO, I love DANNY!!!!" Danny is Matt's friend whom we spent the weekend with, apparently he left quite an impression on her. Hopefully Matt doesn't have his feelings hurt over that; rest assured that she does indeed love Daddy as well as Danny.

There will be more.


Melissa said...

Ok I read this out to Dru and him and I were laughing so much.
This is crazy man.
She's awesome.

Kirsten said...