Monday, February 9, 2009

Ice Skating

I've been wanting to take Sawyer ice skating lately. Once upon a time I was pretty much gonna go pro and then I broke my leg & never went back. DUMB. I suck. But after a lovely Charlie & Lola episode, Sawyer kept talking about ice skating & I figured I had a chance to live vicariously through my daughter & could force her into making up for my past mistakes & wussiness. Who doesn't want that? We started out optimistic. And soon melted into a pile of tears & frustration. Lovely. I'm so glad Matt was there. He told her that she had to go around with him at least 4 times before she could decide that she didn't like it. I have such a hard time knowing when to push & when to step back. I'm afraid she's a bit like me & too cautious & takes herself too seriously. She certainly is stubborn. That much is sure.


Melissa said...

Did she make it around the 4 times?
Did she decide she liked it?
Or was there outta there?

the Lola Letters said...

Ahhh ha ha ha!
I am the hugest Sawyer fan like...


"Flashes of Laura"
Thanks for the trip down memory lane! ;)