Wednesday, February 4, 2009

getting sick of looking at that video...

...but I couldn't think of anything noteworthy to write, so imagine my happiness when Kierstin tagged me! It's that "find the fourth folder in your pictures file, and post the fourth picture in that folder" thing. Anyway, here it is: my baby-babe on her first snowmobile-into-the-cabin-for-New-Years trip. She was fourteen months old and was so good on the ride in that I kinda freaked out & made everyone stop until I made sure she was okay. It was really late at night & really, really cold & she was sandwiched between Matt & I on the snowmobile & didn't make a peep. She's just a trooper. This picture is of her first Oreo experience, and her face is a hot mess behind that sippy cup. What a babe. She's just the funnest kid. Oh, that reminds me, another installement of "from the mouth of a total babe" happened today. I was making a batch of buttercream and she was playing with play-doh & we were listening to a mix cd Paisa left at our house. It was an Akon song & she asked "who is dis singing, Mom?"
"his name is Akon, baby."
"oh, I love Akon. What is his last name?" (didn't even know she was aware that there were first & last names.)
"I don't know. I think that his name is just Akon."
"oh, that is so sad."
I love that she feels bad for people who only have one name. Such a sweetie. I'm glad to see that she is properly developing empathy. Quite advanced, actually. :)
(yes, I am aware that this is probably a stage name, but I didn't want to explain pseudonoms to her at this time, sooo...)

Oh, and now I tag whoever wants to do this tag. You know the drill.

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Celeste, how the heck are you???? when are we playing? I have a couple weeks off.....