Monday, February 9, 2009

Thank You Doug & Shannon!

So getting a UPS/DHL/FedEx delivery is pretty much the MOST EXCITING thing to happen at our house.ever. Generally those things are a huge let down once they are opened because they more often than not contain some sort of golfing paraphernalia that Matt has purchased off of or somewhere. But today? Today our package included the endless joy that is a coloring book, stickers & candy watches. Holy Crow! My sister-in-law Shannon is such a freaking doll! It couldn't have arrived on a better day either, I have this icky, vauge sickness that I really wish would decide to really be sick or not. My lymph nodes are visible from space & hurt really bad & they are sucking all my energy. Anyway, between a playdate with Megan & a Valentine's Day package from Doug & Shannon, it actually was a do-able day.

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Kirsten said...

I bet she'll like it later. I can't imagine my kids liking that at this age. You and Matt are so fun to take her, that makes me want to go! loveyou