Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Labor of Love

This year for Valentine's Day I really wanted to do something that would let you know that I do notice and appreciate all the wonderful things that you do & are. I feel like I have a lot of making up to do for my pre-Proxac craziness lately. I would have punched me if I were you. But you didn't. You helped me figure out what was going on in my head & let me know that I am still a good person/wife/mom. And that it's okay to accept a little chemical help if you need it. I do. That much is clear. Life is good again. And I have you to thank for me coming to understand that. I love you more than I can ever show or say. I'm just excited that I have all eternity to try. I hope you love your personalized fortune cookies. I hope that each time you open one and read what it says, that you smile, that you remember some of the amazingly fun times we've had, or that you know how much I appreciate all the little things you do. That will make the mind-numbing tediousness of this project worth it. Some of the replacement fortunes included:
You put up with my blogging addiction.

You actively work on making our marriage better.

You bawled your eyes out during Benjamin Button.
You close the blinds for me in the morning.

I love NOT camping with you.

You watch gay crap like The Bachelor with me.

You love swimming like a freaking six year old.

You have a super sexy voice.
You put up with my love of high heels.

You make the greatest root beer floats ever.

You know when to put the Crackberry away.

I love pinching your legs with my toes.
You massage out my leg cramps in the middle of the night.

You leave cologne remnants in the kitchen in the morning. LOVE IT!

You take Sawyer to Chuck-E-Cheese on dates.

You don’t try to “fix” things when I just want to vent.

You want an old man car, not a sports car.
Thank you for being you. I love you an unquantifiable amount.



Melissa said...

Holy moly Celeste, that really is a labour of love!!!!
Sounds like he's worth it though.
Plus there's no shame in taking a little bit of medicene to help with the brain.
I'm reading this book at the moment called Change your Brain, change your life by Daniel Amen, oh my goodness Celeste if you haven't already read it you HAVE TO.
It's awesome and will make you feel a lot better about yourself and your brain and everything that comes with it.
I'm almost finished and I'm so glad I'm reading it.
I've already diaognoised Dru and I LOL with simple brain problems.
If nothing else, it'll help explain what's going on in your brain to make you feel the way you do.

Kierstin said...

I love you! You are so freaking awesome. xo

tanalicious said...

holy shiz, thats a lot of fortune cookies! where did you get them to personalize them? or did you make them. i really hope not. no one is that good. and no body is perfect. you are way above what i'll ever be, im sure!

the Lola Letters said...

I loved your list so much, it's not even funny. It sounds like our husband's are soul maltes by the way...dumb shows like the bachelor, lovers of old man cars, don't try to fix things... I WAS going to list some of my favorite things that you said, but then I realized that I would be basically relisting EVERYTHING you wrote.

Flippin sweet , Celeste.
loved. this.

and I also

love. you. (like, to death)

the Lola Letters said...

no, I don't think that our husbands are soul Malteses...
though that would be completely cool too...

soul mates.
soul mates.
that's what I meant.

Jana said...

Are you fo real? a jar full of homemade fortune cookies?

Celeste said...

(uh, just to clarify, no not homemade. tried that once, never again. I just went to Orson Gygi, bought 300 fortune cookies then using tweezers, pulled the lame fortunes out and replaced them with reasons why I love Matt. It went over like gangbusters until we realized that the cute jar I put them in, that had previously housed laundry detergent has a little bit of plastic in the lid & it didn't was up as well as the rest of the jar and they are probably now toxic. It's fine though, we were kinda sick of eating them.)

Celeste said...

wash, not was.

WowsRose said...

I love that you say "gay crap."

That is an awesome labor of love.