Monday, March 2, 2009


Tomorrow is my bad day. March 3rd has started to make me a bit anxious each year. When major things happen, there is a huge chance that it will be on March 3rd. Take for example:
* 1997 - found out that my high school boyfriend was cheating on me. Not just any old run of the mill cheating, no sir, sleeping-with-his-boss-at-Hollywood-Video cheating. Classy, huh?
* 1998 - I was just reading in my journal from that day & let's just say that I was a smidge depressed. Very self destructive thought patterns. Its amazing how long I've actually been dealing with that crap without realizing it.
*1999 - Somehow made it through with no major drama.
*2000 - Had to call off my first wedding to Jared a week away from the date. Moral issues. Sucky. He was sooo mad at me for being honest with my bishop. Nice. Any other person with a brain in their head would have realized at that point that perhaps this person is not who I would like to be married to. Not me. Nope, we rescheduled for June.
*2001 - Kicked Jared out, began divorce proceedings.
*2005 - Found out I was pregnant with Sawyer, but that's a good one.
Geez, nasty March 3rd drama has decreased significantly since meeting & marrying Matt. Three cheers for Matt! Perhaps I should drop the stupid March 3rd superstition. At any rate keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow, k?


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WowsRose said...

That is like how the entire month of February is for me. No good ever comes in February. Depressing month...thank God it's over!

Nothin' tramatic this year though, other than I am 3 years closer to thirty. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!