Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Greatest Picture of the (second) Greatest Dog Ever.

Warning: Do not click on this link if your throat is really, really sore and you want to die every time you cough, laugh, breath or talk. (Like me today.) Its the laughing that will be problematic. This is my brother & sister-in-law's huge great white Pyrenees dog, Lando (yes, named after a Star Wars character) and he is hilarious. Oh, and their baby, Hanne is pretty cute too. Just don't misuse appostrophes in your comments because Stacey will kill you.


Melissa said...

Thems are fighting words there in your title LOL
Me and Dru laughed so hard at this picture.
Oh man it's AWESOME.

schmath said...

Hey! Thanks for liking my dog! He is pretty funny sometimes.

I guess it's okay for laypeople to misuse apostrophes, just not professionals. Although, I think there should be a required grammar class in college. I didn't even have to take one, and I majored in english! So I guess it makes sense how many college graduates mess up.

Sorry about the sore throat.