Thursday, June 18, 2009

Escapism is my forte

Seriously, I know I'm spoiled. I am so lucky to be able to take a little trip off to paradise pretty much anytime I deem necessary. Between Susie's St. George condo & the "cab-mansion" above Oakley, it's good to be a Davis. In the beginning of this rapidly ending month we call June, Sawyer & I set off to the cabin with a select group of awesome people: my parents (who will probably request to be buried at the cabin), my good friend Emily & her daughter Talley & newborn boy Drayden, and the lovely Laura & Kort. Bubbuh (Laura's amazingly beautiful & sweet dog), Charlie & Jasmine (Kierstin's wiener dog I was babysitting) also joined us for a few days of hiking, reading, discussing reading, fighting over the baby & eating good food. I am so grateful for such awesome friends who although they didn't know each other at all, are just the type of people who I knew would be awesome friends by the time we were done. Thank you guys, it was just what I needed. I honestly was kinda dreading the trip, because I thought I'd be too anxious about the house and all that goes along with it to relax, but it was perfect! Laura & Kort arrived right as I was trying to put Sawyer down (WAY past her bedtime) and were instantly in love with one another, jumping all over the Love Sac and giggling hysterically. The kids played beautifully with each other all week, and the mommas were able to have some great talks and reads. The best thing about it was seeing how Sawyer reacted to being with Charlie all week; obviously she loved being with her buddy again, but it was nice to know that we can handle these allergies without getting rid of Charlie. Zyrtec in the morning, wash hands after petting, don't have carpet & don't let the dog sleep on Sawyer's bed, and everything is gravy. My parents were awesome, it was so much fun to see them together up there again, to see how patient they were with all the kids, but particularly Kortland who has more energy than a hive of bees, and wanted to go on a hike or look for bugs or build a fire with my dad every second he could. And for those who I invited (albeit last minute) who couldn't come, maybe you need to be reevaluating your priorities, huh? Just kidding, work is important. lame.
Crafty time with Grandma
Jasmine standing guard over Drayden.
Mom & Dad enjoying the tin foil covered fruits of their labors.
Gorgeous, amazing kids piggin out.
Anyone who will make out with my overly-affectionate dog is alright by me.


AndersonFamily said...

this trip sounds like such a blast!! i am jealous of all your time with grandma and grandpa!!! how are things? we miss you!

the Lola Letters said...

Yaaaay for the cabin! I loved that so much, it was sick (as clearly demonstrated in the oh, let's see...was it 6 posts I did about it? Ha ha! LOVED it and had so much fun with you!

And I am dying to know WHICH pic you had turned into a 20x30 canvas!!!!

Tell me! Tell me! I saw the pics on Ashley's site, and you looked gorgeous as usual, but I WANT to know what your favorite was!