Saturday, June 6, 2009

so I have yet another amazing friend...

...Laura Dugovic. Not only does she make a seriously mean pancake, write a touching, hilarious & thought-provoking blog (oftentimes in the same post), but she's also hot as hell, an amazing mom & wifey, has adorable style, is debt free (RAD!) and rescues animals, and is also my personal Mrs. Congeniality, but she is also a hugely ridiculous humanitarian. She is one of those crazy people who actually think they can make a difference, and does. Trust me, you wish you knew her. Check out the newest coolest thing on her Serve Utah blog. Seriously, do it. Do it now. Open your iTunes account and open your heart & join the ranks of those crazy people who think they can make a difference. It'll take you ten seconds. Way less time than you waste reading my blog. WAY less.

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