Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Price is Wrong, Biatch!!

This weekend Matt & I went with most of his siblings & Susie to LA to support Ryan in his life-long dream of going on The Price is Right. We scrambled to round up 15 people (thank you, Brittany) so that we didn't have to sleep out on the street all night to get in, but even with a guaranteed group ticket, we were there from noon to four before we even got in the door. It was really fun though. Not something I need to repeat, but fun. I wish I could get tickets to something I care about though, SYTYCD or American Idol. Drew Carey looked awful in real life, but was way more funny than I thought he would be. Matt's brother Steven actually was the one who got called up, it was fun that one of us did. We all had awesome shirts and a lot of fun, but it's always fun when we're with his family. They are slightly crazy though, I must say. In a good way. I love how they say what's on their minds & forgive quickly & keep the fun going. They really help each other (and me) be better people.
Matt & I flew down on Friday night & stayed in a fancy schmancy hotel in Santa Monica for a few nights before we met up with the fam. I ate lots of cupcakes of course, and we found a pizza place that we visited both for dinner & breakfast the next day, it was that good.
Probably the best part about the weekend was coming home to a house that was fully tile-d & cabinet-ed! Just waiting on the laminate & the countertops now!!! Yay!!! I gotta tell ya, it's be MUCH more tough than I thought, being out of our home. Home is big. Big deal. It's like a fifth member of the family. Not having Charlie is also big. No bueno. She's been kinda struggling, too. She's got an ear infection, a staph infection and someone has been gnawing on the tips of her poor little ears, and those are infected too. 150 dollars to the vet later & I still can't even take care of her, someone else is doing it. I'm so grateful for them, but I HATE HATE HATE HATE that it's not me. I was bawling more than just a little when I took her back. (Laura, do you want to take her for a week or two until we're back in the house? Kidding. (but only kinda.))
I just pray that the non-carpeted house & the new air filters & the Zyrtec & the cleaned air ducts & not letting Sawyer sleep with Charlie will be enough to allow us to keep her.
It's always tough coming home from a trip without Sawyer, she always acts out for a few days until we establish the rules again. (Which is frustrating, because Kierstin said that Sawyer was awesomely obedient & lovely for her.) Anyway today sucked, and all I could think was that it would be so much easier if I had a few more kids by now. Siblings to play with seem get you some more time to get things done. But I don't know, is that true? Or maybe it just makes for more disciplining & cleaning up after people. Breaking up fights & all that. Anyway, mothers of more than one, what do you think? Not that it matters, I don't have any other kids at the time, so what's the point of wishing I did?
Also I'd like you to know that Jimmy Fallon is the only late night host I have ever not hated. But now it's time for me to go to bed. Good night.


James and Jenni McBride said...

Hey Celeste! Here is my take on the sibling question. The grass is always greener on the other side. When you have one there are a lot of pros: quality time, individualized attention blah blah blah. When you have two plus (and you will by the way, I know it!) there are pros too: they play together, less spoiling of a single child blah blah blah. The best part about it is, you realize how great it is to have Sawyer and know that whatever happens, she is an amazing, cute, happy, wonderful girl who brings light into your life. I am rambling now, sorry...Love you cute lady.

Melissa said...

LOL this is a funny post.
I don't claim to know anything about parenting, so I won't even try.

Alex said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. Yeah, my coworker has a signed 8x10 of Drew Carey -- I think you can write the show to request one. So quick, go find your stamps before they're all given out.

btw nice blog about the Mammoth Sofa!

Kirsten said...

I'm not sure if that last commment came up as KIRSTEN P WRIGHT, but it's me, no stalkers here.