Friday, September 18, 2009

Cedar City

My parents, Sawyer & I went down to Cedar City to pay my brother a little visit at the end of August. Doug took us to the most awesome park. Swinging was definitely the highpoint. Parks don't have swings anymore. It's like they're too much of a liability for these lawsuit-paranoid days. Stupid. FYI: the only way to improve upon swings is to have your crazy uncle sneak underneath you & grab your legs until you about pee your pants from laughing. Then when he went away, and Grandma tried to fill in, Sawyer wasn't very happy. Check out that face, have you ever seen so much attitude. She's all "NO! DOUG!!"
Then we played hide & seek & no one could find Doug. Sawyer thought it was HILARIOUS that he was up in the roof of this little parapet.
I absolutely adore my big brother. You know how some people are beloved by animals & children alike? They kinda flock to them like the pied-piper? That's Doug. I always think that those people have something extra good inside them. He is no exception.

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