Wednesday, September 9, 2009

my husband thinks I don't take criticism well.

okay, as soon as I posted that I realized that of course, Scotland is actually the the birthplace of golf. I was just testing you guys on golf history. Yay for you if you chastised me on my own blog. Oh, and p.s..... you aren't invited on our trip anymore. :P
so there.


Parry Particulars said...

ME? I'm not invited on what trip?

I'm usually the one hanging trips over people's heads.

Oh, and none of us really take criticism well. He's not criticizing you when he tells you you don't take it well.

tanalicious said...

haha.. at least i'm still invited. i dont care about golf, i just want a vacation!

and yes, the digi world is a bazillion times better than regular scrapping. for one, my house doesnt turn into a disaster when doing it.

ALL of the paper and most of the embellishments are from Shabby Miss Jenn the Vintage Linens collection. i used the same kit to keep everything uniform. i think i got it through the daily, but im sure its in her shop. i want to see your stuff!

Kierstin said...

I still love you even if I bug you. :)