Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to me! 29 on the 29th of 2009

I am almost 30 now....
who cares? I'm healthy. I have a great family. A happy marriage. And these amazing girlfriends. Jill & I share the same birthday & we went to Yogurt Stop for a quick little girls night. It was just what I needed, and we so need to get together more often! Then on my actual birthday weekend, Matt, Sawyer, Ryan, Stacey, Hanne, Ben, Kim, Liam & Eliza went to the cabin! It was so fun to be spoiled all weekend & sleep in & not have to do much but read & sleep. And watch SNL Best of Tracy Morgan. Check this out.

Matt got me a delicious ice cream cake. Apparently he thinks I'm a member of Twilight Moms or something. The best part was having these two short-bus riders sing happy birthday to me. No just kidding, the best part was going for an awesome trail run with my ipod & Lando. I think that I would rather be around a good dog than about 90% of humans. I still miss Charlie sooo much but it was really good to hang out with Lando. He'd get a bit ahead of me, then wait up and when I'd get about 20 feet away, he'd sprint toward me and body slam me. It was hilarious!
Matt made me an adorable choose your own adventure birthday card. I love that he never buys store cards, always makes the most darling, creative cards. He is awesome. Literally. AWEsome; as in I am filled with awe that he is mine. Thanks for a great birthday, baby.

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