Saturday, September 26, 2009

iPhone's newest cult member

I just figured out how to post from my iPhone! Yeah, that's right, my iPhone. I have joined the ranks of the elite. At least I like to think so. But how do I add a picture? Do I have to upload the picture to flickr or something first? Anyway I just need to report on my niece Sarah's most recent surgery; she went in Thursday for her fourth open heart surgery ( yeah, she's four) and everything went better than they dared hope! She was born with her heart and other organs upside-down and backward, and is just the sweetest thing ever. She is six months older than Sawyer, and they are great friends. I wish I could add a picture.
Also good news; my small baby-type person is still growing and hungry. I swear I could out eat the BYU O-line. I occasionally get a bit nauseated, but not too bad, which I think is a good sign. Hopefully. I feel pretty good right now, but I am worried that the closer we get to 12 weeks, the more nervous I'll be. Keep praying for us.


Melissa said...

Consider yourself prayed for.

tanalicious said...

will do, my friend. will do.

ps. post some of your scrapbook pages already! or show me where you do. i'm dying to see somebody else's work!