Friday, October 1, 2010

Abram doing the worm

Abram has developed a very unique way of getting around, at least I've never seen a baby do it this way. He kinda goes up into a V, digging his head & toes in & then kicks out & kinda throws himself forward. It's hilarious. At least to us. I'm probably being one of those parents who thinks their kids are just amazing & the most unique individuals to walk the earth, but guess what? This is my blog. So there.

He does it three times in this video, the third one is the best one, but keep watching because then he throws a big old grin your way & that is soooo worth hanging around for. He went about 8 feet the other day using this method.


Jen Nelson said...

Actually that is pretty amazing! Kell didn't start doing that until closer to 7 months! And the smile at the end it to cute!!

Kierstin said...

Holy strong little guy! That's so darn cute... little wiggle worm :) He's destined to be an olympic athlete some day!! I'm calling it right now!

AndersonFamily said...

yahoo!! go abs!!! he is so long and gangly in all directions!!! i love him!!! thats kind of how reagan does it but he gets his face down and his butt up and pushes with his feet grinding his face into the carpet and thats why he hates it ha ha!! i need to see you and your beautiful baby!!