Friday, October 15, 2010


I'm not incredibly into holiday decorating. Every holiday I look at blogs, darling darling blogs with their darling darling homegrown or thrifted or vintage but always copious decorations and for a few minutes I get all jealous & want to get my hiney to the nearest Target/DI/Taipan and go nuts. But then I think the one thought that brings me to my senses...."where in the heck do these people store all this crap 99% of the year?" I'm not a fan of storing crap. The artificial Christmas tree taking up half my overhead garage storage about puts me over the edge. But I do like an appropriate wreath for each season. I have a fall-ish one that I creep out for Halloween and then decreepify for thanksgiving, but this year my new across the street neighbor busted out the exact same wreath!!! The audacity!! So when I saw this idea I knew I had to snake it. I'm kinda stoked on how it turned out. And that it cost me a whopping $3 to make.

I already had the glittery trick or treat sign, I got that a few years ago post Halloween at Hip & Humble for like a buck or something stupid. The spiderweb stuff I already had, as well as the little plastic spiders. The straw wreath base was $3.99 at Hobby Lobby, then 50% off today, and the black tulle was a dollar. I wrapped an old copy of Happy Gilmore on VHS around the straw wreath, tied some tulle around part of it, strung the web across it & threw on the spiders. Done.

Oh. And Sawyer made this'n.

Cute, huh?


Daisy Chick said...

I love your wreath, and Sawyers. Very nicely done.

the Lola Letters said...

You defiled a Happy Gilmore VHS?

(But, judging by the looks of your freakin awesome wreath, I suppose it was worth it ;)