Saturday, October 9, 2010

i was grateful yesterday for.... friend annetta.

everyone should have a friend like her. she's phenomenal. if i could choose my sisters, the very next person I would choose, after my actual sisters, would be her. I honestly think we were led to live in Layton so that we could meet her & her family.

Last week we found out Sawyer had broncitis, and so when Abes started wheezing & coughing I kinda freaked out. made a doctor appointment for him & spent the next few hours feeling like a crappy excuse for a mom. I've got 3, maybe 4 people on this planet that I'm responsible for & when half of them are sick, isn't that an indicator that I suck? that's what it felt like.
so when amazing annetta came by to pick up Sawyer for preschool (she does this three days a week so that I don't have to get Abram up, load him in the car, truck him in to the school while I walk Sawyer in... she's a lifesaver.) I mentioned that I'd be going to the doctor & was sure I'd be done in time to pick the kids up, the appointment was a whole hour & a half before I'd have to pick them up....
annetta said "nope, you won't. I'll pick up & take Sawyer to my house until you're done". See, she's a mom of 7... or sometimes 10, so she knows these things. And sure enough I wasn't done in time. not at all. we waited for an hour & ten minutes before the doctor showed his face for roughly three and half minutes. that's how long it took to figure out that abram had double ear infections. moms? is there anything worse than having a sick kid? i cannot imagine how awful it would be to have a kid in the hospital for an extended period of time. (shudder)

I feel like this is not making any sense at all

to summarize-
i felt like crap

i love annetta
i hate that i feel like crap for a mom sometimes
i hate that my yummy kids are sick
when i grow up i want to be like annetta. somehow she manages to be both the most spiritual person AND the most funny & down-to-earth person i've ever known. everytime i get to spend time with her i feel like i'm getting away with something, she's got so many people who love & need her that to even have lunch with her seems like such a blessing.

i'm so thankful to have supportive awesome people in my life.

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the Lola Letters said...

Aw, now I love Annetta too!

And I hate all that stuff you said you hate too.

Especially the part about you thinking that your are crap for a mom ;)

Soooo sorry about the double ear infection. What a nightmare!

I miss and love you and hope all is well again soon... and I'm really glad that Annetta is around,as I am clearly NOT nearly as close (in proximity, at least)to help you out.