Sunday, November 28, 2010


okay, so i've been gone. gone to california and busy with my brother in law's funeral. yup. last friday afternoon, november 19th, matt's big brother had an accident while packing up some guns to take on a scouting trip. we are all still befuddled and shocked and very very sad. scott was a kind, generous, Christ-like man that sadly i wish i had known better. he left behind a wonderful wife and 3 lovely children. (read his obituary here) seeing kim's grace in the last week has been completely overwhelming. she comforts people. she forgives people. she makes it easy for people to awkwardly attempt to comfort & serve her. grace i tell ya. that's the only word for the amazing way she is handling this. it is a gift to witness. i'm so impressed with matt's family, they just circle the wagons & support & serve & love each other with a pure compassion that i've not had the opportunity to observe before. i am so blessed to have a) escaped certain tragedy in my previous marriage and b) these wonderful people, amazing souls that they each are as my family. oh and my husband. he's not too bad either. he's grown into a whole new level of man in the last 10 days; and he was awesome before. i'm so proud to know him, let alone be married to him. he is a gift.
scott's funeral was remarkable. a celebration of a life well lived. there was as much laughter as there were tears. their stake president may have called my mother-in-law "king of the crazies". from the podium. it was for sure a highlight. of my life.
i really meant to continue with the gratidude thing for the whole month, but just haven't been feeling it. not not feeling gratitude, not feeling blogging. i've been overwhelmed by gratitude, but it's more the kind that i write in my real journal, not trite little entries on a fluffy little blog. speaking of journals, i've been reading my grandma Attella's. my dad's mom. i never knew any of my grandparents, really, and it's been awesome to get a feel for the woman who raised my dad. quite a woman, that one.
i need to post about sawyer's birthday, our cali trip, thomas' mission call, thanksgiving, abes' newest accomplishments & decorating for Christmas. it might be a minute before i get around to it. or i may never. blogging isn't really high on my priority list at the moment.
time for bed.


Melissa said...

I'm glad things are going well for the Davis family.
Thanks for blogging, it's the only way I know anything about your life.

Jen Nelson said...

I am so so sorry :( There just isn't anything more to say.
Sounds like an amazing family! Scott's entire family will be in my prayers.

tanalicious said...

oh. that's so sad. i'm so sorry, but knowing matt, you guys will get through this tough time amazingly. my condolences.

the Lola Letters said...

Beautiful post, Celeste.
I am so sorry for Matt's loss.
And I, too, am so. sincerely. happy that you two have each other.

He is such an amazing guy.

I am just heartbroken. I know that they will all be okay as they are clearly an incredible bunch of people, but honestly, wow.

I love you missy!

And I'm glad you write in your blog too.

Cause I miss ya... and don't want to bug you via cell phone all in the name of getting my Celeste fix TOO often ;)

Amy Alvord said...


Jake and I heard about your brother-in-law and wanted you to know your whole family has been in our thoughts and prayers. From the little I know of Matt, you, and your family, you have been through some amazingly tough times together and are spiritual GIANTS. Matt was so kind to share Elder Holland's talk given at his dad's funeral with me which gave comfort to me...and my dad especially, so, thank you, Matt. You're on the "A" list.

I've only recently discovered your blog through Jenni McBride's but I plan on visiting once in a while-hope that's okay. I have always admired how candid (and humble, intelligent, funny, kind, model-headish....ya, ya, you get the picture) you are. Celeste "breath-o'-fresh" Davis. Here's wishing I got to have more time with you and your family; just know there's someone out in po-dunky Kaysville who's cheering you on.

Zach and Erika said...

I am so sorry! We have been thinking of, and praying for your family. We were so sad when we heard the news. Sounds like a pretty amazing experience, it's great to hear of families coming together!