Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Sawyer sleeping under the tree on Christmas Eve Eve, or Cyd's birthday as it's known around here.
One tradition I'm keeping from my growing up, everyone has to line up, youngest to oldest before you go in to see the tree/loot.
Speaking of loot...
Sawyer was so funny, she wanted to open everything & arrange them around her before she played with anything.
And she likes her pink wii controller. I did not pose her like this in anyway. It was all her doing.
Abes love love loves his little einstein music table.
After all was said & done, Matt gave me an envelope with the most beautifully written love letter. I was bawling as I read it, but then it started talking about "this ring" and I got confused. I look up to ask him & he's holding a ring box with the most beautiful emerald & white gold ring. Emerald is my favorite color, it's also Matt & Abram's birthstone. And Scott's. His letter tied these all together so beautifully & really gave the ring sooo much more meaning than just a pretty little thing. Every time I look at it I think of our fun past, our blessed present & our incredible future. I'm so grateful for a husband who takes the time everyday AND on special occasions to make me feel so special and appreciated & loved. It was a fantastic Christmas.

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Melissa said...

I love that you're posting about Christmas in Feb, love it.
Love the ring too.
Emerald is the stone of my birth as well.
My wedding ring is ruby the month we were married.
Can you have two different stones on at the same time?
I'm glad the kids had a great time and the parents too.
I've never understood the lining up thing.
Is there a reason?
Who started this?
Nobody can tell me why.
Do you know?