Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SoCal trip

Sawyer is lucky because her birthday is right by Veteran's Day, and Matt usually can take a few days off work & we some times go on a trip & tell her it's for her birthday. Really we are just petrified of the imminent winter looming ahead of us & need some more sun before we get into the holidays.
This year Susie accompanied us to LA/San Diego. It was probably the most beautiful I've seen Los Angeles, the day we went to the Getty Museum was incredibly clear & retardedly gorgeous. Plus that museum is freaking cool. Sawyer actually really enjoyed looking at the art. Matt was really smart & had her tell us her favorite painting in each gallery, and she had a blast telling us why she liked each one. We also spent a day at SeaWorld, which was totally fun. While we were there Grandma Susie bought Sawyer a pearl (a "pell" if you listen to Sawyer say it. sooo cute) that they took out of the shell & mounted onto a butterfly necklace. Sawyer has taken such good care of it. She really loves it. It was a good trip because we only had a few things we really wanted to do, so we just did a lot of scenic drives & good eating & talking & laughing.

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