Wednesday, February 9, 2011

pics from el telephono

(I love it when all the Braverman siblings dance together)
(oh and when Adam accidentally gets high)

I found this pic of Audrey Hepburn somewhere online. Apparently she actually had a fawn for a pet when she was young. Cutest thing ever, right?

Oh, wait. No, this is the cutest picture ever. My boys. Abram has been congested like nobody's business. A hot bath with Daddy every night clears it out nicely. I actually took a picture of all the snot I sucked out of his nose one morning. It was seriously impressive. I'll use some restraint though & not feature it here.

Last Friday we went out with some of my very favorite people on the planet, Angie & Tim Cella, Annetta & Rick Williams, Cyd & Nick and our sweet kiddos, Sawyer & Abram. We went to Tepanyaki & had a great time. I'm so happy that we've been able to have Cyd with us. It's been so much fun to have her. Honestly I was expecting some drama at some point. Still waiting. She's just awesome & I'm so proud of her & the choices she's making. Look at Nick's face here. Have you seen more adoration in your life?

They're so cute together. Nick got his mission call last week. Spanish speaking Columbus Ohio! Leaves May 4th.

Sawyer created a new friend. She stuck a chow mein noodle in her cup of water & named him Wormy. He's been slowly disintegrating on her shelf since then. I'm waiting for the right moment to throw him away.
She was very well behaved all during dinner. So was this guy.

And his cheeks. All 10 pounds of them.

Well that's about all I got. Unless you wanna see the snot pic...
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Schmath said...

Yes! Post the snot!

Rach said...

And thank you for not posting the snot. The last one was gag worthy.