Wednesday, February 9, 2011

now taking donations

Matt knows a guy (wish I had a nickle for everytime I've said that) that rents a house in Maui every November for all of November. I know, sad for him, right? Anyway, he's a great family friend & he has invited us to come out & stay with them for a week. I know, sad for us, right? He's ever so generously offered to pay for our room & board if we can just get ourselves there. The problem is that 2011 is officially "The Year of Reigning it in" (financially, that is). Spending $1800 on airfare just doesn't really go along with our reigning it in goals. I cannot believe how much I want to make it happen though. Opportunities like that NEVER come along. We'd be fools to not go. I was looking at airfare last night & the thought that we might not be able to go pretty much sunk me into a deep depression. Have you BEEN to Maui? It's uhmazing. I think that the only way it's going to happen though is if I can pay for it with cake money. Or selling platelets. Or something.
So if you know of anyone getting married or having a fiesta of some sort, please give them my number. I've kinda stepped out of the wedding cake bizniz while I have a newish baby, but homeboy is a big boy now, just ask him. Check Spelling
I figure 6 or 8 cakes'd do it. I can totally handle that.
Either give me referrals or give me money, it's your call.
I'll bring you back some caramacs.

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