Monday, September 24, 2012

again???? gah.....

Oh my gosh, are you so sick of me? Honestly, I never post unless I need something, huh? Now you know how my parents feel. Well, guess what? Tonight at midnight, voting for the Epic Room Makeover ends, and I will shut up. So here it is again, your daily reminder to go to here and vote for me and then do some serious finger crossing!! I'm dying from the suspense!! I made another video if you didn't see it yet. It's a bit boring, but if you're wondering what this playroom that I'm dying to have redone looks like, here it is.

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Laurie said...

I'm a brand new stalker (so I guess that doesn't make me so much a stalker as a lookie-loo? )... I just saw your pitch for Mandi's contest, and even though I was totally late for the party, I had to find out more about anyone who would pin glitter damask wallpaper because that's totally my thang.

Though, I can't find any of your links - pinterest, etc on your site to follow you and become a stalker?