Friday, October 5, 2007

i heart billy corgan

So last Friday my favorite cohort in concert crime, a Miss Jenny Rossi, and I went to the Smashing Pumpkins concert at the McKay Center in Orem. I am forever changed. It was ridiculous. I cannot even explain how amazing that show was. Let's just say that Billy Corgan is an absolute rock god. It was like watching someone that was born for just one purpose do that thing at their absolute peak. Oh, and you have always wanted to see them and you NEVER thought it was possible. I can't even put my finger on what was so awesome. Throughout the night I kept realizing that I was just standing there with my mouth agape in amazement. It was absolutely flawless from the opening band (The Bravery; impossible to stand still, fantastic band) to the cool as hell lighting rig to the rad circa 1980s guitar-style synthesizer to the acoustic Billy only bit (freaking amazing) it was all in all a freaking amazing show. That is the only thing I can think to say, freaking amazing. They played Muzzle and an amazing new version of Adore with this hard heavy rad beat. At one point everyone else left the stage and let Billy just rock out an acoustic set that was ridiculous. There is no point in even writing this post because there is no possible way to express how mind blowing this concert was. I'm done trying.

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