Monday, October 15, 2007

that thong-tha-thong-thong-thong

Today while I was doing the eternally never-ending laundry Sawyer decided to help me. She would take random peices of clothing and "put them away" in her drawers. Very helpful. Then she stumbled upon what she thought was one of her cute little head scarf/bandana thingys. Yeah, no, it's a thong. I was laughing my head off. She has started being really aware of having her picture taken. She'll pose and ask for more and really ham it up when I get the camera out. What a goofy girl. Here is Sawyer eating lunch, she started dancing around in her chair and I had to capture it, and of course she started to be even more weird once the camera started shooting.

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Kirsten said...

What a cute head silly monger with a sweet twist of girly!!! She sure is growing up isn't she. I love you and thanks for the sweet compliments on my blog, talk about self-esteem week in blogland. You rock and you too are a rock star.....I LOVE YOU!!!