Friday, November 2, 2007


Okay, first things first... on Halloween afternoon Sawyer did her very first poop in the potty!!! I seriously just about took a picture of it to post here, I was so proud! But I decided that most people might not enjoy that as much as I would. She just was playing in her room while I was doing my hair in the bathroom across the hall and she just walked in and said "poop? potty?" I didn't even think she very was aware of her bodily functions yet. I think I'll wait until after we get back from San Diego next weekend to really try to potty train, maybe even later than that, it could have been a fluke. Anyway, enough about feces, right?

Moving on.

Halloween was awesome. Grandmas Susie threw a wild and crazy party of course, which I naturally forgot to take pictures at. (I am really sucking it up at that lately.) Kierstin invited us to a very fun Halloween party at her house, I loved it. We don't get together nearly enough with our families. We are going to start doing a family night once a month, let's make it happen ladies, maybe after the holidays, it's gonna start getting crazy sooner than you think.
We carved pumpkins on Sunday night, and Sawyer really loved going out every evening this week with Daddy to light her pumpkins and look at them. She wore her octopus costume to the gym day care and they did a little parade around the gym with all the kids, that was really fun to see, you could tell that she was having a lot of fun, holding hands with all the other kids walking around, I wish I would have had my camera with me.
Sawyer was really excited to get candy, but she also wanted to go into every house we stopped at, she'd take the candy, say "tanks" and walk right in to the front room. She stopped after a few houses, once she understood that we were just taking the candy & running. It was really, really fun.
I am a little obsessed with the Stephenie Meyer books right now, so here is my vampire homage pumpkin, I loved how it turned out.

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