Thursday, November 29, 2007

Utah Chocolate Show Wedding Cake Contest

Last month I heard about the Wedding Cake Contest that the annual Utah Chocolate Show does (unfortunately I didn't hear about it in time to enter) and got a cute little sitter and took the afternoon off to go indulge myself in my passion. I took a class on ganauche and wandered around the expo center in a haze of chocolate delight. It was awesome to say the least. However the judging of the contest was an absolute joke. I know a thing or two about the skill level that goes into these cakes and I cannot for the life of me figure out on what grounds they decided that the cake that won was superior. It's the white one with the pink flowers. Granted the flowers look very lifelike, but the whole theme of the contest was to glorify chocolate, and that cake doesn't even make me think of chocolate. I'll be entering this competition next year, but I'm glad I saw the judging this year so that I don't put much stock in it next year. Unless of course they choose my cake, in which case I'll agree completely with their decision. :)

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