Thursday, October 30, 2008

We're going on a trip!

Yesterday we randomly decided that Sawyer & Grandma Susie & I would go to St. George today. I really want to get in some more sun & swimming before I resign myself to the fact that summer is actually over. Sawyer has spent every single second since being told that we were going on a trip, saying "I can't wait till we go to.... what's it called again? (it's called St. George, Sawyer) I can't wait till we go to St. George!" She packed her princess suitcase with all her most important things like Octopus, her little Book of Mormon and her pink blankie and puppies. She freaked out when I busted out our swimming suits. Even though we will miss Daddy on Halloween, he promised that as long as we took copious amounts of pictures, that it would be okay.


Kierstin said...

The only thing I can say about missing the parties is that I AM COMPLETELY BRAIN DEAD AND RETARDED!!! I freely admit this. I even wrote it on my calendar and looked at it the night before so I wouldn't forget. DUH! I was so bugged with myself when Jolene called and told me that everyone missed me. I'll have to have everyone come over for a playdate at my house and then I can't forget :) Love you lots and I miss you too

Melissa said...

Where did you find that video?
Is this some fandango cartoon that's awesome that I don't know about?
I can't believe you're gonna miss going around your neighbourhood and doing the trick or treat thing with Matt. I hope it's a great time with just the girls.
Sound like Sawyer's already sold.
I'm with Matt, take tons of pic's. And then blog about it.