Monday, October 20, 2008

Cabin + Fall = Good Times

Ryan & Stacey invited us to share their cabin weekend, along with Stacey's sister Kim, her husband Ben & their cute little Liam. (we all missed you, Dru & Melissa!) We love hanging out with these people! Matt & Sawyer went up on Friday night, but I had a cake Saturday, so I had most of the weekend to myself which, frankly, was very nice. I'm kind of a loner, I really enjoy being by myself. I just like getting stuff done and not having anyone to worry about.... but only for a while. Plus I knew that Matt & Sawyer would have a great time together, so it was good all around. Friday night I finished up the cake while watching Friday night Stand-up on Comedy Network, one of my fave guilty pleasures when I'm alone on a Friday. Then Saturday I cleaned the house, worked out, shopped a bit, got a massage & delivered my cake. Lovely day. The cabin trip was great, Lando, the great white dog, wore Charlie thoroughly out with his puppiness, she's still sleeping it off. Matt made a classic Wal-Mart purchase; a bee bee gun, and had a great time shooting cans and stuff, while I read and read. It is so beautiful up there during the fall. I love it! Oh, and no trip to the cabin would be complete without a game of frisbee-golf! Please forgive the nose-picking picture, I think it's hilarious & I love her little Eskimo hood.


schmath said...

Lando was worn out too. He was so lethargic yesterday, we thought he must be sick.

Melissa said...

Well I'm also sure you guys enjoyed not having to watch out for two more kids on top of your own;)
I'm glad you had fun and man that day sounds AWESOME. I can't believe you got to do all of that.
I need one of those days.

Matt said...

For all of you earth friendly people out there don't worry....!
My Wal-Mart gone doesn't shoot actual bee's! It in fact shoots BB's as in tiny Ball Bearings. Please note that Ryan taught me that BB stood for ball bearing this weekend. Oh thank goodness for engineers!