Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things vol. I

Sawyer is just entering that stage where you need to write down every single thing that comes out of her mouth because it's just too funny! I love her observations on life & especially her sassiness. I'm sure I'll hate it when she's 13, but right now I love seeing her little personality develop. I honestly can't say that I understand "baby-people". You know, the ones who want their infants to just stop growing, they want to savor every baby thing. I have never been that way, I love seeing Sawyer learn & grow & half the time I just sit back & let her figure things out herself because I simply want to see how she figures things out. She's really so smart, I'm not even biased at all. Baby-people are crazy anyway, those first six months are pretty much my own personal hell, what with all the sleep-deprivation. Hopefully I'll be better about it the next time around.
Anyway, this week she has come up with some zingers, and since I have that whole tapeworm problem, I can't remember but two of them.
1) On Wednesday I was trying to get Sawyer to climb up into the car and she was trying to set the world's record for Most Effective Dawdling by a Two (almost three) Year Old. Anyway, I won't say I didn't have a "tone" when I said "come on Sawyer, please climb up into the car!" To which she replied "okaaay, Mom! Don't freak out!" Seriously. I laughed sooooo hard! I think she learned that phrase from her dad. It certainly wasn't me.
2) We are staying at Becky (Matt's sister) & Craig's this week to watch their kids while they are in Russia. Pretty much the greatest job ever, these kids are all so cool & are so kind to Sawyer. Anyway, we were all lounging on Becky & Craig's bed when Caroline asked Sawyer to go help her make some Orange Julius which, of course, she wanted to do. She crawled across Matt to get off the bed, who decided that she's just the perfect weight for some chest presses. She got all huffy about being delayed & said "DAD! I have no time for this!"
I cannot imagine a cooler kid. I just love her to pieces. As my good buddy Jill said on Monday, "she is just full of joy." Everything is so awesome to her. If I whisper anything to her, act like it's a big secret, no matter what I say, she'll squeal with delight! I love you, Boom-Boom!


Chris & Missy said...

Sawyer is so dang cute! I can just hear her say those things with her cute little voice!

Kathy said...

I stumbled on your page looking for photography or cooking keywords. I don't remember which. I love your photos and we have some of the same interests. I enjoy reading your blog.

Melissa said...

It's good you write these things down.
She'll love reading about this later on.
I remember my parents 'taped' me reading and talking when I was just little.
It was so fun to listen to myself.
I'm glad for blogs and technology.

Dugovic Domain said...

Oh that is so funny! Yeah, you can't beat the amazing toddler-isms that come spewing forth from their little sassy mouths at all times when they're this age! love it love it love it.

Kirsten said...

She is a little dolly, and I love how you love her. You are so good at enjoying her, so good at it!!! The comments will just bet better and better, you wait and see. Also, I love your Potter Barn Chair yummina!!!! Also, I hate making dinner too, shopping lists, preparing, and everything else that has to do with it. Let's have people make us dinner for the rest of forver ok? OK!! LOVE YOUR STIKIN GUTS!!!

E/S MILLER said...

Celeste, reading your blog makes us feel like we are right there with you and enjoying all the precious moments with you! Thanks for sharing with us!! We love you! Mom and Dad

AndersonFamily said...

hey! i just wanted to tell you my friend has a blog i think you would LOVE! its check it out, she is amazing!!!

The Neilson Family said...

Man, I could use some words right now from Spence cause lately he's all about just ripping my head off. Dang teeth coming through, and then now, and then coming get the point. Miss ya! Keep growing that kid the way you are because you are doing such an awesome job.