Thursday, October 23, 2008

Black Island Farms, my pictures

Hey, alright, at the insistence of Melissa (love you!) I will post some of my pictures from our excursion with the Kettles. They probably aren't really as bad as I think, at least not the ones that I took after Jessica adjusted my settings. First off, let me admit that I love calves. They are so sweet with the longest lashes ever and soft little pink noses. I took soooo many cow pictures. Is that weird? And here is what Jessica & I did all night. I love hanging out with her. Not only is she rad with an amazing sense of style and so kind & cool, but she also is endlessly patient with my photography questions and always willing to share her knowledge. Plus, she comes as a package deal with a darling little boy and Matt's new man-crush, Danny. I tease Matt so much about his "girlfriend Danny," but I secretly am just so grateful for his friendship. Matt is a great friend & has not had much luck with friends who seem to appreciate him. I love Danny & Matt's friendship. I also love Sawyer's relationship with him. They are so cute together.On the way out, we stopped & let Sawyer get her face painted. I have fond memories of having my face painted at the Utah Arts Festival one year, and wondered how on earth Sawyer would stay still long enough for it. I guess when she's excited about something, it is possible to focus on not wriggling that long. She never ceases to amaze me. Ya think she liked it?


Melissa said...

See now that wasn't bad was it?
They're actually pretty good, just like you said.
I need to try the whole face painting again cause last time I did it with Masaru she got one smudge on and he was outta there.
I love the one Sawyer got.

AndersonFamily said...

your pics are so great! it looks like sawyer had an absolute blast! how are you anyways?

The Neilson Family said...

Ah she's so stinking fun! It was good to see you the other night if only for a minute. I had an absolutely sick kid in my lap, plus I was wearing jeans (call me lazy!) so I had to get the heck outta there. Anyway, please please PLEASE can we get together soon?!

Oh, and Jessica's pictures are amazing! I'm sure yours are equal. Think she'd have a girl's night for a bunch of us to teach us tricks of photography!? Us neighborhood girls are always looking for a reason to get together.

Chris & Missy said...

Your pics are amazing Celeste! You are now gonna have to teach me how to use my camera (please).

Hey thanks for the tips on trying to get my girl to take a bottle.

WowsRose said...

The picture of Sawyer on her Daddy's shoulders is totally frame worthy. I love it.

And by golly, she is one beautiful little girl!

Dugovic Domain said...

Hey! I totally didn't see your response on my comments until now! My little man has been crazy sick and I have been in St. George on another mini-getaway (which we still need to do by the way). I still totally want to make those necklaces! email your phone # to me and I can just freaking call you so we can get together already! my email is send it send it!

Oh, and your pics are wonderful! (not that having a ridiculously gorgeous child helps at all.) ;)