Thursday, October 1, 2009

State Fairapalooza

Sawyer & I on the Ferris wheel.
Sawyer & Daddy on the Octopus-leggy-kinda ride.
Let me just begin by stating that the State Fair (Utah or otherwise) is unequivocally the greatest place for people watching. The airport has NOTHING on State Fair. The mall? Chopped liver. It is worth the six buck admission for the entertainment value of diverse crowd it draws. Wow. And I am only slightly ashamed to admit that I was extremely tempted to pay the measly dollar to view the snake-woman. Extremely. Anyway, we were really glad Ry & Stacey invited us; we'd been meaning to go, but just hadn't gotten around to it. Sawyer loved it, the kiddy rides and weird food, fried everything and funnel cakes. I am very sad that I was feeling icky that night, I couldn't take the rare & undervalued opportunity to have myself a funnel cake. I always see those funnel cake makers at Bed, Bath & Beyond and carry them around in my cart for a few until I come to my senses.
And as an added bonus for those who still check in on my blog in all it's recent suckiness... this is Ryan & Stacey's baby girl, Hanne, (that's "Hannah" for those who don't know this cool spelling.) probably one of the top ten cutest babies currently on the planet. Sorry, these pictures are from my phone, and kinda blow.