Thursday, February 21, 2008

poor little leper-dog

So, Charlie can't come to St. George with us and we are too cheap to kennel her, so the poor thing goes to uncle Scott's backyard kennel with two other dogs who may or may not like her very much. It's actually a pretty nice setup if you have 3-inch thick fur and are used to being outdoors in 20 degree weather as opposed to sleeping on the couch like a little princess. Scott keeps 2 little dog igloos out there with heat lamps in them, and one of them fell out, and he tried to gorilla glue it back in. Apparently he got a little generous with the glue and it dripped all down in the igloo and Charlie sat in it and then covered that in a lovely combination of hay and dirt. So when I picked her up Tuesday, she looked like a big nasty white-trash pooh-rolling-in dog. Anyway, the only way to get that nasty conglomeration of stuff off of her booty is to rip it off one chunk at a time. Yeah, if anyone needs any practice in their waxing technique, I'd be happy to let them use my dog, there are still pieces left. It doesn't seem to hurt her unless it's on a bony spot like her shins, then she doesn't like it too much. The good part is that this little adventure has gotten Matt to agree to kennel her when we go out of town instead, so that's good, I always worry about her when we leave her there especially in the winter. She's just the sweetest thing, we got so lucky the day we found her, she gives the best hugs and is very obedient and incredibly patient and fun with Sawyer.

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