Wednesday, February 27, 2008

disappointment and disillusionment are some of my least favorite emotions

so, if you haven't already guessed by now, I did not meet 311 on Monday night. nor do I think I ever will. This has taught me a very important lesson in communication. Despite being afraid of acting like an ungrateful mooch, I really should have specifically asked whether we would be meeting the band or just getting free tickets to a sold out show. If you do not specify, you risk creating all sorts of lovely scenarios in your imagination that will never come to pass and spend the next few days in a dark valley of disappointment. The concert was very lovely but mostly due to the fact that I was with my very sweet husband who constantly was telling me that I looked extremely hot. Also, everyone, fans & venue workers alike, were very nice and surprisingly pleasant, even for a 311 show. Also, said lovely venue was non-smoking. We found Jim at the show and said hi & tried to buy him a drink as a thank you, and chatted with him and his friends for a while. When it became apparent that we were not going to meet them that night, I asked Jim to give them my little letter... and here is where the real disillusionment comes in.... Yesterday I texted Jim to again thank him, to which he replied that Tim had read my letter, I asked if Tim had said anything about it, and he said that Tim asked for my PHONE NUMBER!!! No, this is not a good thing, it is VERY annoying. After reading a heartfelt letter in which I tell you that your music has helped me escape an abusive situation and thanks for helping me get to a good place now and that I am happily married, all your skeezy brain can think to ask is if you can have my phone number?? Besides, I did include my email in the letter. I have decided that I am not getting the whole story. Perhaps Tim asked that before reading my letter when Jim told him that I was "a 6.5 footer supermodel" (his words, not mine). I HATE TEXTING!!! You have no idea how much I over analyze things, there is so much room for error and misunderstanding, and it just takes so damn long to clarify things that I don't even bother!!! Oh, and I asked Jim if we could get backstage at 311 day, and he said "no one gets backstage at 311 day, it's too crazy back there." whatever that means. So, although I'm very excited to go to New Orleans with Matt and stay in our fancy pants hotel and go to a 311 day concert finally, I would love to go back to the conversation that I had with Jim wherein I got the impression that if we went to 311 day, we would be able to get backstage passes. boo.

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