Friday, February 1, 2008

sick as really sick sick dogs

boo for this crappy flu that's going around. I recommend never getting it. in fact, if God wanted to do a new round of plagues, I would suggest forgetting about the boils, frogs and serpents and just starting with this lovely little formula: raw, sore throat + incessant coughing + occasional vomiting and the lovely pre-puke "I am going to die" feelings that go along with it + teeth-chattering chills + "oh my goodness, my joints are all going to fall out" body aches = one hell of a plague. Despite the obsene amount of complaining I am currently doing, I am actually grateful for a few things that this little bout of ickiness has taught me. 1) We are very, very blessed to normally be such a healthy family. 2) Our bodies are really freaking cool. What else can heal itself in a few days? 3) When things suck, you just have to take a second and sit down for some stand-up comedy. Watching a Kevin James special yesterday while Sawyer napped had me laughing my head off and although it hurt my throat to laugh, it was totally worth it. 4) You know that song in the Music Man, the Wells Fargo Wagon song?

Here is a hilarious modern take on it, and that is how I felt yesterday waiting for the UPS guy. When you know you have a package coming it totally makes your day! Yesterday my big fancy airbrush arrived right when I was about to start wallowing in self-pity (again) and instead I sat there gleefully opening my package & "familiarizing myself with the airbrush's parts." Not quite up to using it yet, though, but I can feel this thing slowly moving out of me, so it'll happen soon, and I'm sure I'll post some pictures of my attempts.
p.s Sawyer's newest thing, and again I have no idea where she got it, is to say "ouch, need docker" when she gets hurt. I would have thought she would associate the doctor with getting shots at this point in her life, but apparentley she does occasionally feel "bedder" after the "docker", so that's good.

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Alana & Tom said...

I'm sorry you guys are all sick!! Get better soon, okay! A good laugh absolutely does help... Also loved the new cake, you are one very creative girl.