Thursday, September 25, 2008

6 quirks and the cutest thing ever.

Alright Melissa, here it is. My 6 quirks tag, brought to you by the kiwi part of a kiwi & an eagle.

I wish Matt were here to help me, I will call him. He's down in St. George tonight for a golf tournament tomorrow...(insert phone call here)...Okay, I'm back. He says that he just likes me, there isn't much that drives him crazy. But, upon further coercion, he came up with these:

1- sometimes I fart right as I'm falling asleep. I just get relaxed, okay? Geez, isn't that a lovely way to start the tag off. The first time I fell asleep with Matt, we were watching a movie & snuggling & as I drifted off into a comfy, newly in love sleep, I actually heard myself toot a little bit & just laid there praying that he was asleep too and didn't hear it. Let's just say that I was wide awake after that. He said that's when he knew he was in love with me. It can't get worse than that.

2- I HAVE to rearrange the dishwasher if it is loaded by anyone else but me. Otherwise they won't get clean and I'll have to do them all over again anyway. There is a right & a wrong way to do it, and I appear to be the only one on the planet who understands the right way. Plus, I can get way more stuff in there than anyone else I know.

3- I can't go to sleep if the duvet isn't square on the bed. I can't go to sleep with less than 3 pillows: my fancy chiropractic one for my funky neck, a flat and firm pillow between my knees, and a fluffy one to hug. Once I am ready to go to sleep, there should be no snuggling, no touching and NO TWITCHING!!!! (Matt)

4- I love, love, love to work out. Six days a week for at least 90 minutes. I know, I really should be in better shape than I am for all that, but I also love to eat, so whatever. I signed up for a gym membership right after I graduated high school and have had that schedule pretty much since then. I love that I know that this is a life-time habit now. It's more than staying in shape, it's my time to read, listen to music & challenge myself. I don't think about anything else in the world somehow, and that is a fantastic escape for me.

5- I am a picker and a popper. I am physically unable to not pop a zit, pick a scab or pluck an errant eyebrow. The other day, Sawyer had a bit of a hang-nail & I just, without thinking, ripped the sucker out, causing my little girl to bleeeeeeeed like crazy. I was too quick, it didn't really hurt her, but she was a bit freaked out by the amount of blood and the fact that I had caused it. Ooops. Good thing she's so forgiving at this age. The rest of the day she showed everyone she saw her princess bandaid and said "Momma do it." I hope they thought she meant that I put the cute bandaid on, not caused the wound.

6- I am allergic to chocolate. But who cares. What's a little itchy tounge, phlegmy throat, and headache compared to a chunk of semi-sweet? But it has to be good quality chocolate, I don't mess around.
There ya go. I hope that wasn't a total waste of your time. Well, actually, isn't that what you're looking for if you're cruising blogs? Thought so.

And now for the cutest thing ever. Sawyer has chosen her Halloween costume. I've done the last two years of choosing due to the fact that she didn't have the abilty to speak properly. But this is her first and probably will be the best costume she will ever choose. But before you can see it, here are the last two years. First, the dinosaur. Second, the octopus. Now, in her third year on this planet, Sawyer has unveiled.... Princess riding a Unicorn!!!! She skips around with her legs in the hind legs, knows how to use the reins and makes the cutest little clop-clop sound. It is sooooo stinking cute. She even fell asleep hugging it. One of those times where you normally would NEVER spend that much for a costume that will be worn for one night only, but when you see how it makes their eyes light up..... you melt into a puddle right there in the seasonal aisle in Target. Same thing happened with Matt when he saw her trotting around the house in it. I love him.
good night.


Melissa said...

Hahahahaha those are so funny.
I love tags. I really think they help us get to know each other more.
Dru's mum is the same way with her dishwasher.
You two should have a competition.
I love the costume too.

Kirsten said...

That costume is the cutest ever. I can't wait to buy girly costumes for my little chicklet. I love your list of quirks because they make me smile, i love you!

Steve and Whitney Mortenson said...

Hey Celeste! You have the cutest blog! I saw your blog on Mark and Aubrey's page, so I hope you don't mind that I added you to ours! Hope you guys are doing well!

Jed said...

I've missed reading your blog - like just completely got away from me! Hey, when you finish the basement let's have a girl's party! You have yet to come to one of them on the south side of the park. I'll keep on keeping you posted! ...and I LOVE the Unicorn! Go, Sawyer! She better ride on over to our house. I'll hook her up.

Parry Particulars said...

Love the costume. A little too much information in general in this entry, however. (Popping, farting, picking, etc.). I'll keep reading though. Thanks for sharing.

Dugovic Domain said...

K, you totally need to come give me your opinion on my site. I'm having my friends help me pick out some jewelry and I would love to know what you think.

Dugovic Domain said...

I loooove Sawyer's costumes! I am a Halloween FREAK! Kort usually ends up sporting at least 3 different costumes (at different parties and events) cause I just can't get enough - I go pretty nuts, it's a little embarassing. If I had a few more kids, I might be too overwhelmed to go so overboard! Good choice Sawyer - very cute!

tanalicious said...

oh. im so glad that other people have imperfections too. makes me feel much better about my own! tell matt we said hello. (tana, from the Mtn. way back when)

tanalicious said...

it's funny really. i was creeping around other peoples blogs and found jessica kettle's. then i scheduled a photo session with her, since its hard to take my own. then i saw on her blog the fair pictures with Matt and Sawyer, and then the one with Sid and Heather. i thought, that has to be Matt, so i emailed her., then i saw the link on her site. Wild.

your daughter is so cute, and your cakes are awesome. i totally think that cookies are fine for dinner. i mean, there's eggs, flour, fruit.. you have 3 food groups there.