Thursday, September 25, 2008

while I was out

Remember how Matt got so much stuff done while I was away a few weekends ago? Made me feel like a total inefficient loser? Well, one of the things he did was go to the state fair with Danny, Jessica, Max & the Moodys. Luckily Jessica is one hell of a photographer, so that particular night of my daughter's life is documented, even though I missed it. Check out her fantastic pictures of the fair, just keep in mind that I was not around to approve the outfit selections or hairstyling that weekend.


Melissa said...

Those pic's are AWESOME!!! She really is talented!!
Hey how do you highlight someone name and when you click on it it goes to their page?

Dugovic Domain said...

Those shots were GREAt - she really is very talented - sawyer is sooo cute! I also want to know how to do what melissa is asking - do tell ;)