Monday, September 29, 2008


What should I make for dinner? This is my least favorite thing about being a mom/wifey type of a person.
I do not want to go to the store.
I do not have time to thaw anything.
I do not want to think about somehow figuring in some type of vegetable.
I hate planning meals.
I hate planning grocery lists for those meals.
But most of all, I hate the consequence of not planning meals or grocery lists: this nagging question in the back of my head- "what should I make for dinner?"
I suppose we could just have these lovely lemon-raspberry thumbprint cookies I just made for my visiting teaching ladies. But then I'd have to make up another batch later on, which would be totally okay. Hmmmmm... sounds like I've found a solution. Do cookies count as a proper meal? They have 2 kinds of fruit in them, so that's good right?


schmath said...

And they probably have eggs and butter, so there's your meat and dairy group. And the flour counts as the grain group. Totally balanced.

Melissa said...

Man those cookies look so yummy.
Great pic.
I was once like you and to a certain extent, still am.
I just had to pull my socks up and plan.
So I plan out 4 meals and buy to that and then I know I've got four meals in my cupboards.
It seems to work out well for me and the fam. I know they appreciate it and in the's worth it and I feel good about it.

AndersonFamily said...

my mouth is totally watering right now. and i so think cookies count as dinner.

Parry Particulars said...

Hey, we've done cookies for dinner and we're not so bad.