Sunday, September 21, 2008

oh, and also...

On the way home from dinner at Susie's tonight, Matt & Paisa & I were talking about the big huge houses in her neighborhood and what kind of a house we each would or would not like.
Paisa said, "I want horses, I want to live on a farm & be a farmer."

Matt said, "I want to golf everyday. I want to live down in Oakridge & be a golfer."
Sawyer, who I thought was just ignoring us & looking out the window, suddenly piped up and said "I want to be a princess!"

BTW, Paisa is our little semi-adopted Samoan teenage son. He is living with a family in our ward and stays with us sometimes when his parents go on vacations. He is a total stud, and Sawyer LOVES him!


Melissa said...

I think that's awesome.
I hope she gets her castle. There's actually a house I've seen that is a castle.
The original owner made it like that but then the next one turned it into a bed and breakfast. I remember saying to Dru "Oh man, that'd be awesome!!"
so maybe if I get it Sawyer can come and stay like your adopted son on holidays.

Kirsten said...

He's so cute, and that's the cutest Sawyer comment, "You are the queen, you know all the words!" Anyhow, I love that little story, the funny things will roll out of her more and more, he laugh daily at Porter and Mas and the things that come out of their mouths.

E/S MILLER said...

Celeste, we love to hear of how you and Matt share your lives with others, and help your neighbors with their kids when they need help. You are not only making a difference with your daughter, but will influence for good, your teenage friend. mom and dad