Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Update

So we are finally moving forward again on finishing the basement, and I am so stinking excited I can't even tell you! Our contractor is just fantastic, very detail oriented and has great ideas & actually cleans up after himself, which is quite a change from the last few guys who have worked down there. (not you, Doug.) He busted down the wall and door at the bottom of the stairs which was such a good idea, its so much more open and nice now. I'm very excited to have my own little "office/work out room/craft room/land" and more storage & closets and to not have only one area for people to be. I'll be able to have a place where I can leave my cake crap out while I work on them and not feel like I have to order pizza because there is simply no room to cook. We're making a little under-the-stairs play-place for Sawyer, which she is very excited about and most importantly....duh duh duh-da..... we'll have multiple places for my family to stay when they come to visit!!! Because I have a feeling that my parents are just going to keep going on missions, so their house will probably be unavailable pretty frequently. I have a few ideas as to how I want to decorate, but unfortunately, they all involve the Pottery Barn, so they probably won't happen. This is kinda the sectional look I'm shooting for in the family room, obviously white wouldn't be the best choice though. And this is what I'm hoping for in an office, only not red, but I love that project table & I actually have the craft organizer on the wall. And this is the sink console I totally want, but I'm going to get it at Costco instead, if they bring it back. And I want like rainforest green walls in the bathroom, with that dark wood and white linens! We'll see what we end up with. Finding my own style and understanding what I like and making it happen is like one of the more challenging things for me, so this'll be interesting.


Parry Particulars said...

Love the craft room and the vanity. I wish I were decorating something. I did buy all new bedding (expensive) at Calico Corners last week. It will take a while to all get here, but very cool. I'll post a picture when it's done. Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing

Melissa said...

Looks good Celeste.
Sorry Dru left a mess.
I'll have to let him know so the next basement he works on he can make more of an effort.

Kierstin said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Call me for a playdate, k? loves

Kirsten said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE all those love love love love!!!!!