Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I married a hottie

Tonight Matt gets to go on his dream golf trip to Seattle. It sounds like it's going to be sooooo much fun, and he will be with his boyfriend Danny, so I'm really excited for him. He totally deserves it. He is such a hard worker and so dedicated to making our lives fun and amazing. He is ridiculously generous and sweet and patient and thoughtful and patient and inspiring and kind and patient and supportive and patient and also very, very sexy. Let me illustrate my point. Last night we were watching America Idol while he packed for his trip and he kept bringing stuff up for me to fold for him because I am an excellent folder (thank you J. Crew). Anyway, at one point he came up looking something like this:Minus the guitar unfortunately, and not as wimpy looking, fortunately. What is it about a vest plus a t-shirt that slaaays me? Then he was packing his toiletry bag and decided to spray a little bit of this:

and there ya go. Put a fork in me, I'm done. I am the luckiest girl ever. I love you baby, I hope you have an amazing time and that you come home soon, wearing your vest & t-shirt & polo cologne. And then I will attack you.