Monday, May 4, 2009


k, so San Diego was amazing, just what I needed and wonderful beyond words. Spending time with Jessica & Max is always always great, but add a little Brittany and Owen, a few hours with Rachelle and Tracy and you've got a killer first half of the week. Then all I needed to round it all out was some serious bonding time with my little girl. (But don't tell her I called her that, she's a BIG girl!) It was fantastic.
Thursday was probably one of my favorite days of my entire life. We drove up to Santa Monica along the Pacific Coast Highway and just pulled over whenever we saw something that looked like fun; good surfers to watch, a beautiful beach, a nummy restaurant, whatev. When we got there we parked near the pier because I knew that the park we wanted to go to was somewhere near there, but after walking the wrong direction for a while, then probably almost a mile in the other, we found it and it was... oh... closed. Totally fenced off for some reason. But we found swings and sand and that's about all Sawyer requires to be ridiculously happy. Then there was some mild shopping at the 3rd street promenade (LOVE), but honestly, I was pretty freaking shopped-out thanks to Jessica. I didn't think that was possible. Then we had a lovely dinner at Cafe Crepe and headed back down to our condo in Solana Beach.
I can hardly talk about how good that trip was for me without getting emotional. I am such an impatient person, I've been feeling like I'm way behind on my "life-plan," you know? Most of my friends have 4 kids by now, and not that that is part of my plan, but seriously, my kid needs someone to play with. I want to move on to the next phase of our life. Anyway, just being with Sawyer with no schedule or demands really made me appreciate how wonderful she is. We were able to just really enjoy each other and bond. Totally what I needed, but we were so excited to see Daddy. Daddy makes everything fun. But I must mention that I kick butt at traveling by myself with the kid. I am an excellent packer/organizer. Yeah me.
But then we came home to a house that decided to spontaneously combust while we were gone. Matt was staying with Danny when a pipe in the kitchen burst, and our fantastic neighbors had to rescue our furniture from an inch & a half of water. Did I mention that we just finished the basement like ten minutes ago? Um, yeah. Anyway, it all dripped down there & destroyed the beautiful mammoth couch & Matt's birthday chair & the ottoman and the carpet and the walls and the ceiling. Sad. Sad, sad house. So we are staying at Susie's and I will be adding delightful and destructive pictures, respectively, at a later date.
Anyway, wish us luck in our homelessness. Happy Spring!


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AndersonFamily said...

that is so so stinky! totally juts really stinky. that is all i have to say. oh yeah plus we love ya :)

cafe said...

We are gladd you had sucha great time in LA and specially that you found and enjoyed Cafe Crepe. Come back when you are in town again.

Kierstin said...

Oh no! That totally sucks! Can I do anything to help?

The Elmers said...

Oh man... I thought I was having a bad day. I'm sorry, that is such a bummer!!

I was originally coming over to your blog to tell you that you are hilarious and your comment made me die of laughter! Also, I'm sure Jessica will give you pics from the shoot if you want them, but you are more then welcome to the ones I have also. Let me know if you do.

Good luck with your house...I cannot imagine! I was just complaining over a bit of dog poo on my blog this morning, nothing like this though :(