Friday, May 22, 2009

the ugly, the bad & the good

the ugly:
my house all torn up and sad and empty
the bad:
yesterday Sawyer tested positive for dog and horse allergies; her two favorite animals
the good: 
that we found this out while out house was all torn up.  We will be able to replace the dog-dander covered carpet with hardwood floors (love) that don't collect allergens as much.  Charlie is currently at Matt's brother's training to be an outside dog, which will have to be what she is once we move back in.  She can still sleep in our room with us at night though.  Unless of course Matt is also allergic to dogs which is actually very likely.  There's got to be some explanation for the amount of phlegm he wakes up with.  (thank you Celeste for that lovely visual.)
Things are going well though, the drywall, trim & painting will be done tomorrow, and then we can work on flooring & cabinets.  Good deal.


Jana said...

hardwood floors rock my world.

AndersonFamily said...

ok so i had to tell you about the best cake blog EVER!! (other than yours of course :)) i don't know if you have seen it but it is and I think you will thoroughly enjoy it! stinky about sawyer being allergic to charlie!!!

the straz fam said...

I found your family blog too...I guess that makes me an official blog stalker...haha. Your family is totally cute and I was cracking up reading some of your previous posts!