Monday, July 6, 2009

$10,466.96 later....

yesterday we went to RC Willey & got everything we need to replace the stuff we lost in the flood. If anyone needs to purchase home owner's insurance & aren't sure about who to go with, please, ask me, I have nothing but amazing things to say about ours & how they handled this whole process. I think it's Allied, but I don't quote me. Oh, and if you need to buy any furniture any time soon, go see Van Ormsbee at the 2100 south RC Willey. Seriously, you will be so happy you did. I'm not going to lie & say it wasn't a complete blast spending that much money in one shot. I love shopping with Matt, and the fact that Sawyer was awesome for the whole 4 1/2 hours we were there didn't hurt at all. We decided on some awesome stuff, 2 sectionals, a dining room set, 2 ottomans, 2 huge rugs, bar stools, a buffet/server thing, an end table and an amazingly beautiful painting of a horse. Good times. I was going to be all braggy & post pictures of all the stuff on here, but I'd rather host ourselves a "Welcome Home" party to thank all of our wonderful friends & family for being so supportive, feeding us, letting us and/or our dog or child live with them, helping install flooring, listening to me gripe and especially not noticing that stress goes directly to my gut. :) (or at least not saying anything if you have noticed.)
We are still waiting on the basement kitchen counters, the sinks & appliances being installed, and the baseboards around the front room to be replaced. Those are a pain, by the way. I did the ones in the bedrooms & halls, and I was being all anal about it, patching dings & stuff in the walls. I pretty much worked for 32 out of 48 hours over Friday & Saturday, and my back was screaming. My parents helped me move our bedroom furniture back in this weekend, and they look awesome with the new hardwood/laminate floors. I cannot wait to have the new stuff arrive, but because I have girls camp this weekend, it won't come until the 14th. There is still alot of work to be done, but I can definatley see the light at the end of the tunnel and we are all so excited to get back to normal life with all of us together & in our own place! YAY!!! I will post pictures of the 4th of July & Sawyer's pink golf clubs later, they are so cute, you'll die.


the Lola Letters said...

I'm a little bit seething with jealousy. Major furniture shopping is a bit like 4 play for me and the hubs. We ooo, we ahhh, we fight, we make's all very sexy, I must say.

(was that weird?...oh well.)

I am sooo excited you are rounding the bend of this whole bloody mess! Can't wait to come to the "Yay we have a home again!" party!

I AM invited, yes?

Well, now this is just awkward.

(Your comment box is making me type "byoptang" into a little space in order to publish this comment...just thought you should know about the dirty alien jargon your blog is subjecting me to. That is all.)

Rebecca said...

-k- so I'm owning up to being your latest blog stalker. You make me laugh and I love how honest you are. I still can't figure out how your house flooded so bad that you had to replace so much stuff! (though the shopping spree sounds awesome). Feel free to visit my blog (and leave comments!) at