Thursday, July 16, 2009

I know it's been a minute, but....

...we've been super busy
-moving back into & enjoying our house,
-celebrating the 4th of July,
-having a much needed MDC get-together,
-falling more & more in love with the young women in our ward at Girl's Camp.
So yeah, it's been a bit hectic.
But here are the highly anticipated (yeah right, no one reads my blog anymore.) pictures of Sawyer's golf clubs, in all their pink glory. Sawyer loves to carry them "all by my lone," sets them up and picks the perfect club, then basically screams like a crazy person when she hits the ball. Its the best.We had a low-key & perfect 4th of July, BBQ-ed with my parents at Susie's, then did fireworks with the Steven K. Davis family (Matt's brother). Sawyer was really into fireworks this year, conducting them just like I used to do. Apparently it's a genetic tendency, who knew?Kierstin had all of our high school girls friends & their families over for a pot-luck-a-rific party complete with s'mores on the firepit. YAY Kierstin, thanks for sharing your amazing yard and organizational skills with us, you guys are the best! We seriously need to do that every month. I love that our kids are becoming like cousins, that's what we always dreamed about in high school, and it's happening!!! How cool! Here's Porter squashing Max and Quincie & Mia chillin' in the port-a-crib.
I think Sawyer got a tad bit sick of being photographed there though, check out her paparazzi face, she's been studying Paris Hilton & other hooker-ific faux-lebrities. (I'm just glad she kept her panties on.)

OH! Then there was Girl's Camp. Last Wednesday through Saturday, I actually camped. Not glamped in a million dollar cabin, but CAMPED for real in a tent & everything. However, it really was kinda glamp-ish because I mooched off of the amazing Brooke Barker and slept in her heated tent on her 20" thick air mattress. Its hardly roughing it when you bunk with her. I had an amazing time getting to know her, the other leaders and especially the girls better. And getting mosquito bit like nobody's business. Good times. We also had a new girl move in like 3 days before camp & she was a rockstar & decided to come to camp and we all quickly fell in love with her. Honestly I felt like I was hanging out with a 15 year old Laura Dugovic, it was such a blast! I love them both all the more for that. So yeah, Laura now that you are too busy with your blossoming photography business to blog, I can just go hang out with your younger doppleganger. Everyone wins!


Melissa said...

I love the pic of her walking away with the golf clubs.
Does she cost to play?
Glad you had a 4th that was awesome.
Can't wait to see pic's of the newly redone place.

schmath said...

That golf situation is awesome.

Parry Particulars said...

K, I still read, I just don't always comment. The pink golf clubs are way too much. Cutest thing ever. Can I come see the new digs next week?

the Lola Letters said...

Ahhhh ha ha ha! Those golf clubs? Seriously ridiculous - I want to hang those pictures on my wall!

Laura doppleganger? ahhhh ha ha ha ha!!