Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bidding has now closed

A new home has found my Charlie. (Hopefully) sweet & wonderful people are coming from Evanston (not EvINGston) to pick her up tomorrow morning. I dunno, I just got a really good feeling about them. Things just kind of fell into place & they swear up and down that they will spoil her & love her forever. Ashley was practically screaming when I said I felt that they should have her. Me... not so much. I want to die. My husband keeps crying. I keep crying. Charlie probably thinks someone died, but then she just goes back to sleep. Poor girl has no idea what's going on tomorrow. How can I make her understand that this is for the best for both her & Sawyer? Her new home has tons of property to run around in, horses & cats to chase & even another little 3 year old girl. She's gonna have 2 great danes for cousins and will go camping lots & get spoiled silly by the new family. I'm so jealous. It doesn't help any that they are also having a baby in October. They get my dog, they can actually procreate, and they have horses for goodness sakes. I don't think I'd like to live in Wyoming, but c'mon! Really? Lucky sunsabitches. But how on earth am I going to say goodbye to her? I hope they leave lots of time in their schedule tomorrow because I want to let Charlie have plenty of time to get acquainted with them before I shove her off to the next phase of her life. There are very few things that I have gone through in my life as sucky as this.


Melinda said...

I know I don't know you and vice versa but I am glad that your dog is going to a good home. I was wondering if you might do me a favor. Since I am new to the blog world can you erase my last comment made on your last post. It has my number and email on it. Oh I hope you are able too. I wasn't even thinking when I posted that last night.

I know how hard it is too loose a dog. I truly think he knows that it is for the best.


AndersonFamily said...

i am so so sorry!!! Evie is going to cry when I tell her! That is so hard! I am sure you almost feel like you are giving away your first born child! that sucks!! we love you!

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry Celeste! It seriously sucks. It sounds like you picked the second best owners next to you though. You did good. Maybe you can visit Wyoming some time, eh? I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!

Jolene said...

Sorry Celeste.