Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yup, it sure is gonna kill me.

I am sure you are all sick of hearing about my dog situation, but if you could, please post something about it on your own blog. Feel free to steal your favorite picture of her from my blog, post her gorgeousness and maybe we'll find the best home for her ever. She's on as of this morning, so you can also add a link to that. Here it is: copy that onto your post also if you will, so that they can get in touch with me directly. Now I need to go figure out how to dry my keyboard out. Does the salt in tears mess up electronics?


schmath said...

I blogged it. Unfortunately, I've turned all my readers off to dogs by now with all my accounts of Lando's unruly behavior. But I tried to make it clear that Charlie is Lando's opposite in every way.

Melinda said...
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