Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bandslam Movie Review

K, so we are babysitting my sister-in-laws kids this week, and last night Caroline & I went to see Bandslam. Mostly for the New Moon trailer, honestly. That was worth it by itself, but the movie itself was definitely a big bonus. I kinda thought it would be a Disney channel cheese-ass flick, what with Vanessa Hudgens in it an all, but it turns out that she isn't just a gorgeous head of hair. This movie was totally delightful. Totally. Good music too.
I wish I knew if I liked it so much because I had zero expectations or because it was actually good. But I might just be easily entertained. But yeah, it was super cute. Nice to go to a show with my niece & not worry about sex & swearing & crap like that. I wish I could find a clip of the kiss scene, I think I peed myself a little bit laughing my face off. Anyway, its good clean fun.
can you tell I'm trying to not talk about the dog? The last few posts have been big downers, but really, life is good. I miss my girl, but life is good.

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