Monday, August 31, 2009

mi casa es su casa

k, so my big plans to host a housewarming party for us are clearly never going to happen. I am lame and just want to chill for a minute. Catch my breath because for some reason life has been crazy lately, you know? There will be no party. But feel free to invite yourself over anytime & check it out. I will give you the tour & if you plan it right, we might have something nummy in the fridge. Who knows? I am in love with our new furniture/flooring. Totally worth the flood. I would recommend it to anyone. Five stars.
Now on to the tour.

Let's start in the basement. Here is our lovely super-comfy sectional and darling storage ottoman. (They look better together in real life. I think. If they don't someone, please, let me know.)We haven't used this much because we are still waiting on the flat screen. (Stacey? Wanna put a bee in Ryan's bonnet about that? jk, it's fine, whenever.) If you look behind it, you'll see my cake kitchen complete with fancy new swively bar stools and uncomplete with appliances. Soon. Soon.
This here is the little console that will go beneath our tv. For storage of DVDs and the like, you know. That kinda junk. It is much prettier in real life.
And here is Matt's manly man-chair. Super comfy recliner. Manly, no?
This is the bookcase that Costco gave us as a welcome home present. Aren't they nice? I just kinda love having all my books out rather than in nasty Tupperware bins and boxes in the garage. (who can spot the Twilight series? You win a prize!)Now let's venture up the stairs. Over our stairs hangs this big ol' beauty. I was kinda nervous about getting this guy. We aren't remotely Wrangler wearers. But guess what? Horses are without a doubt the most beautiful animals on the planet. Ever. I love love love this painting. However, Matt & I are having a disagreement as to what to name him. Since Charlie isn't there to greet us anymore when we get home, I kinda of really need someone or something to say Hi to, and this guy fits the bill. He's shiny & sexy like Charlie, but with less allergens and doesn't have such a violent tail wag. I think his name is Cooper. Matt does not. What suggestions do you have? Don't forget to leave them in your comment.
Here is a good shot of our fancy new upstairs flooring, and the new arrangement of our bedroom. It makes it seem so much bigger. I love it! I also love knowing that after I vacuum, that there is NOTHING still lingering in my fuzzy carpet fibers. In fact carpet kinda grosses me out now. 'specially the kind we used to have. bleeh.Here are Wes, Berk, Matt and Dave being big fat super-nerds tonight. Fantasy football is probably on the equivalent of playing video games online with prepubescent Taiwanese kids in my book. But underneath them are our beautiful leather sectional, lovely rug & fancy lift-top coffee table. Not a very good picture, sorry. And now for the my personal favorite! The dining room. Sexy, right? I have actually had a nap on the bench/settee thing. (RC Willey calls it a bankette. Whatever that is.) I am in complete love with this thing. It's tons bigger than our last table, but because we can squish it into the bay window, it makes such a roomier room, which is great. Oh, and notice the cool new tile. It looks like a topographical map of the ocean. I really love it.
Anyway, there's the house. I still need to post about our trip to Cedar City, watching the Parry kids, my birthday (can you say iphone looming in my future?), the trip to the cabin, and all sorts of junk. But I'm tired. Goodnight.
p.s. please give me horse name suggestions, Cooper is great, but I'm open to alternatives.


Melissa said...

My vote is Blaze.
It's a strong name that is just beautiful and wise, just like this beautiful horse. I forgot how much I loved horses. My dad was a big horse person. He used to take us to the races and that's where I fell in love with them.
Celeste, your house looks amazing. I'm not sure if that ottoman goes with that sectional in the basement. But I'm not trendy so my vote doesn't count.
I love everything else though. It's just beautiful. I don't think Dru and My house will ever look like that.
You have great taste and deserve it.
Now about Africa.............LOL

Parry Particulars said...

Beautiful! I wish I would have a flood.

Kim said...

I think he looks like a Chief.

Also, beautiful house. I'm jealous.

Kierstin said...

oh so, oh so, oh so BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love every little bit of it... good job girl! love you xo

Brooke said...

I love it! It looks amazing! I bet it's better even in person!

Zach and Erika said...

Can I get a flood too? Seriously, everything looks great!! Fun to see you the other day! Let's bump into each other more often!

the Lola Letters said...

Your bedroom is AMAZING and this leaves me thinking that you guys probably can't keep your hands off of each other in there... if not, then there's something seriously wrong with you two.

The "bankette" on your amazing new tile gives me feelings that shouldn't be talked about in public... but are akin to the feelings that you are likely experiencing in your new bedroom... I'm just sayin'... amazingly fabulous tables really do it for me. Nicely done indeed.

Oh, and the horse's name is Johnny Boy (obviously.)

the Lola Letters said...

I just noticed that on of your friends suggested Blaze... and so I thought that I should let you know that I had a 3rd grade boyfriend named Blaze.

Allow me to paint you a picture:

He was a rebel...which is why I liked him. His big brother pierced Blaze's ear using a needle in their basement, and he was on "ritalin" for his A.D.D. issues. (We called them "hyper pills" back in the day).

He was also a risk taker. He would walk in front of my swing at recess and move JUST IN TIME to avoid getting hit. He was that good.

Is your horse THAT GOOD?

Alright then, Johnny Boy it is. ;)